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With IvIvI Artworks, Anything is Possible…

Using cutting-edge technology, outside-the-box innovation, and an untethered sense of creativity; IvIvI develops world-class artworks that invite the viewer into a whole new world. Each IvIvI piece is a tightrope walk between mathematical precision and wild innovation. With a fearless abandon, IvIvI throws caution to the wind; spinning visual yarns that tell stories, ask questions, and keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

IvIvI Originals

Wildly creative, intricately imagined, and expertly crafted; IvIvI’s original artworks are designed using a variety of artwork surfaces and ink color choices. The artworks displayed here are live models that can be developed specially for you, and several have not yet been released in galleries.

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You have images in your mind; memories, dreams, and fantasies. With IvIvI’s unique pairing of artistry and technology - you can find the custom design that brings those visions into the world. Choose from a breadth of designs, surfaces, and ink colors; IvIvI will capture your unique preferences, and breathe life into your ideas.

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Limited Editions

Deeply innovative; IvIvI dives into the creative process by experimenting with different artwork surfaces, ink colors, artistic styles, and creative themes. When - in the midst of the development process - something exceptional takes place - you will find it here. Limited edition pieces exist for a finite amount of time, so act quickly when you see something that captures your imagination.

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Discover the Art

IvIvI passionately experiments with a wide selection of mediums and styles to produce abstract canvas wall art, sacred geometry art, and custom pieces. Presentations include black artboard, white artboard, and Gessobord.

By using a special software that sends coding requirements to a pen plotter, IvIvI produces extravagant artworks that bring the most complex imaginings to life. Art fills our experience every day; and IvIvI’s techniques are simply a practice of capturing, translating, and framing the magic of the world around us.

Meet the Artist

For a lifetime, IvIvI dreamed of becoming an artist. Specifically, a pen and ink artist; creating captivating images with his own hands. And yet, the visions in IvIvI’s head so often differed from what he drew, and he yearned for a way to breathe life into the complex, intricate ideas that drifted through his mind’s eye.

That’s when IvIvI discovered the pen plotter; a graphics printer that draws images with ink pens. Plotters draw point-to-point lines directly from vector graphics files; in fact, they were the first computer output device that could print graphics while also accommodating full-size engineering and architectural drawings.

Today, IvIvI has bridged a divide; marrying his creative self with this progressive technology to develop pieces that are at once deeply individual, wholy universal, and truly innovative. IvIvI pairs the beauty inside his own mind with cutting-edge technology to convey the masterpiece of the world around us; from the exacting simplicity of a doorway to the intricate wonder of an electrical current.

Today, you can be a part of that magic too. Whether you choose a limited edition work or an art-on-demand piece; you’ll have a one-of-a-kind masterpiece to add to your collection, and elevate your art experience to the next level.


Marrying deeply imaginative artistry with cutting-edge innovation, high quality materials with bespoke design;
IvIvI has created a one-of-a-kind style that captures the imagination of art lovers everywhere.

IvIvI works are ideal for individuals with a keen eye for high quality products,
and with proper care, these pieces last a lifetime.

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