About Me

Hi! I’m IvIvI; pronounced E-V-V, and my journey towards becoming an artist goes something like this.

It has always been a dream of mine to become an artist. More specifically, I have always wanted to draw, but unfortunately, drawing has never been my strong point.

Luckily, we live in a world that affords people like myself the opportunity to turn my passion for art into a reality, thanks to software similar to Adobe illustrator’s digital design suite and a piece of technology that’s very special to me – a pen plotter.

From hobbyist to artist my journey to sharing this tailor-made digital gift continues.



About the Art

IvIvI can be classified as a digital artist who brings his art to life with the use of a pen plotter.

His preferred medium of presentation includes black artboard, white artboard and gesso board. As a multimedia artist, IvIvI’s work falls under the umbrella category of digital art with an emphasis on coding which connects his work to what is known as generative art.

By using software called Inkscape that sends the final coding requirements to the pen plotter, IvIvI is able to produce extravagant artworks stemming from his obsession with geometric patterns.

By extending into the realm of pen plotter art, IvIvI enjoys experimenting with various styles to produce abstract canvas wall art, sacred geometry art, and custom canvas art. Whatever you can imagine, IvIvI can code and bring it to life with the art of pen plotting – one could say that it is art on demand.

With the ability to produce art on demand and a passionate obsession with patterns that occur in our reality, IvIvI is going to be one of the most recalled names in the generative and abstract art field in the future.