‘Repeat After Me’ 1 Inspirational Abstract Wall Art


It is the lily pad esque natural composition of ‘Repeat After Me’ that places it in the category of inspirational abstract wall art. It’s the bright colors, and playful repeating patterns that make this original artwork a home decor enthusiasts dream.

Playful and fun, bright colors help this image showcase its simplicity from afar as well as its intricate design from up close. This image was inspired by the repeating patterns in my life and how there are many times that you see something and want to repeat it. Whether it’s copying someone else in terms of fashion, fitness or some other trait, you find that there is some innate desire to copy other people that you admire or respect. Now what if they asked you to repeat after them. REPEAT AFTER ME is IvIvI’s manifestation of that in a physical form. Do you fall in line or do you think outside the box?

Descriptions of artwork surfaces

  • Black Archival Gessobord

    Gessobord measures 16” x 20” & 3/8” thickness exactly.
    Artwork measures size A3 and is centered on the gessobord.

    • Choose black archival gessobord for a high quality artwork that is gallery-ready as soon as you receive it. Warp-resistant and very solid. The hard surface allows archival ink to dry on top and have a visually raised effect.
  • Black Archival Artboard

    Artboard measures 16” x 20” & 1/16” thickness exactly.
    Artwork measures size A3 and is centered on the artboard.

    • Choose black archival artboard for a striking image contrast that you can frame (don’t use glass over your artwork for best viewing, place an extra backing instead or use museum quality glass) or hang by itself (command strips work well).

Materials used

Adobe Lightroom, Inkscape, Archival Ink

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