Optical Illusion Wall Art ‘Trick Me’ 1


When it comes to optical illusion wall art, the ‘Trick Me’ is an original artwork collection that seeks to inspire home decor enthusiasts with a yearning to explore abstract modern art.

‘Trick Me’ 1 produces an illusory mosaic effect that defines all of the things we love about visual illusion painting. The combination of blue, black and gray truly stimulates the mind.

One of IvIvI’s favorite past times is looking at illusionary images that confuse or inspire the mind. TRICK ME plays with your eyes to keep you engaged and wanting to figure out the artwork more thoroughly. As all artworks are designed with a pen, the fill in of this artwork in particular requires much more time and attention to detail in order to work. The more solid look however gives the dimensions your eyes need to perceive the illusionary look. Choosing one color for both design areas works well also. Place this artwork somewhere that you want to entertain a guest – this will keep them intrigued while they wait for your company.

Descriptions of artwork surfaces

  • White Archival Gessoboard

    Gessoboard measures 16” x 20” & 3/8” thickness exactly.

    Artwork measures size A3 and is centered on the archival gessoboard.

    • Choose white archival gessoboard for a high quality artwork that is gallery-ready as soon as you receive it. Warp-resistant and very solid. The hard surface allows archival ink to dry on top and have a visually raised effect.
  • White Archival Artboard

    Artboard measures 16” x 20” & 1/16” thickness exactly.

    Artwork measures size A3 and is centered on the archival artboard.

    • Choose white archival artboard for a classic background – with more archival ink color options – that you can frame (don’t use glass over your artwork for best viewing, place an extra backing instead or use museum quality glass) or hang by itself (command strips work well).
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