With a love for the natural world and geometric patterns, IvIvI Art has an unparalleled focus on abstract line drawing.

IvIvI’s passion for repetition and precision has Mathematics guiding his artistic principles. Each creation that is repetitively ordered is similar to the original while being significantly different.

The intricacies of this difference result from a synergy between the human, pen and ink elements influencing the drawing process, making each artwork an original abstract creation.

Dive into the mysterious world of IvIvI Art below.

Select from IvIvI crafted artworks that are pre-defined for ink and artwork surface. Have your eye on a certain design but just can't decide what to choose? Let IvIvI guide you a wise decision. While some of IvIvI artworks could be fabricated by the "Art of Demand" option - there are some choices available here that aren't yet released elsewhere. The artworks displayed are live models that may be created just for you - simply let IvIvI know what one you like.

Have you ever wondered what an IvIvI masterpiece would look like on glass? Or possibly on paper, or using pastel colors instead of what you have seen already. IvIvI loves to experiment with different artwork surfaces and pens/inks and if something exceptional comes to life - you may find it here. Limited Edition IvIvI Masterpieces will exist for a finite amount of time. Once the artwork is purchased - you may find that it is never available again.

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