Discovery. Transformation. Innovation.

Marrying deeply imaginative artistry with cutting-edge innovation, high quality materials with bespoke design; IvIvI has created a one-of-a-kind style that captures the imagination of art lovers everywhere.


Each artwork is individually drawn using pen, ink, and original designs by IvIvI. The IvIvI process is unique because – from the first moment a piece is begun – art lovers have the opportunity to customize each element of their final product.


IvIvI works are ideal for individuals with a keen eye for high quality products, and with proper care, these pieces last a lifetime.

The truth is – IvIvI Art is for art lovers
with a keen eye for high quality

IvIvI Artworks achieve this status by
marrying high quality materials with
bespoke and unique design.

Each artwork is individually drawn by pen & ink and originally designed by IvIvI – even with existing designs, nothing is ever printed or copied.

Each piece affords buyers the
opportunity to customise their final
product from the design, through
to the drawing phase.

The Ink

  • Metallic colors shimmer and shine with life that indoor or natural lighting will emphasize vibrant and clean lines for every artwork.
  • The ink is specially designed to be water resistant, chemical resistant, fade resistant, and is acid free to preserve artwork surface to last.
  • All ink used is archival quality pigment ink, and opaque, vibrant colors make a better visual for artworks to “pop” due to the high quality of the pigment.

The Paint

  • All IvIvI Gessobords are painted using high grade professional acrylic pigments that give the best vibrance and most opaque surface.
  • These special paints only use the very best, pure acrylic resins, and are mega-saturated with the finest quality pigments in the world.
  • IvIvI uses the ink equivalent of the elixir of life: potent, archival mixes specially designed to ensure your work stays brilliant and vibrant for centuries.

The Gessobord

  • IvIvI makes premium panels available to buyers with a true yearning for high-quality artworks. As a professional-grade MDF panel, the acid-free Gessobord is as versatile, as it is silky-smooth for a truly premium finish.
  • These bords are designed for a superior painting experience, making each final product other-worldly. Furthermore, these panels were produced for maximum archival stability and longevity.

The Artboard

  • IvIvI uses only lignin and acid-free, archival conservation board. This high quality material means each piece lasts long into the future.
  • Artboards used are ready for framing without mounting, giving them an additional, cost-effective, premium quality.
  • The acid-free conservation of each piece allows buyers to conserve and preserve their artworks for years.

By combining high quality artwork surfaces, custom designs, and archival quality inks that are water and light resistant, IvIvI offers only the finest results.

Choose from IvIvI’s original or custom artworks, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch for guidance making your selection.

Select from IvIvI crafted artworks that are pre-defined for
ink and artwork surface. Have your eye on a certain
design but just can’t decide what to choose?
Let IvIvI guide you a wise decision.


IvIvI artwork gives you the freedom to choose the colors and
artworks you most desire. There is no additional charge for
choosing Art on Demand – you simply have much more
freedom to your own IVIVI masterpiece.